Real Juice Settles

Separation is Natural: The Truth About Juicing

Ever wondered why some juices separate while others appear more dense?

Don’t be alarmed!

This is because juices which separate are natural! All it takes is a gentle stir to bring it back together again.

See that dark part of your juice at the bottom of the bottle? That right there is what we call the sediment, i.e. the good bit! Those are the nutrients (all the parts of the vegetable which aren’t water) so when you are juice shopping these are actually the bits you should be looking for.

Did you know that most vegetables are comprised mostly of water anyway? Take kale which is 84%, or broccoli is 95% water. It is no different when it comes to fruits, cherries contain on average 81% water.

So it is not surprising when you juice these fruits and vegetables that a lot of that nutrient dense water comes out too. If left to sit, the water is lighter than the vitamins, minerals and all the goodness, which then sinks to the bottom.

If the juice has separated then you can be more confident that there are no nasties in the ingredients deck. Most other store bought drinks don’t separate because they have chemical stabilisers added to the juice so that it looks perfect in the bottle to the consumer’s eye.

When a juice does not contain emulsifiers or additives, it will appear to settle. The emulsifiers other companies use are to “bind” the drink together, usually for aesthetic purposes, all of which increase the product’s viscosity. Some such as modified starch or acacia gum sound less menacing but are still far from natural.

Other chemicals such as colourings are sometimes also added which act as clouding agents.

So next time you are shopping, use the savvy juice check list:

  • Has the juice separated? If the answer is no check the labels for any non-food ingredients.
  • Is it “organic”? Juices contain a kilo of produce in a 500ml bottle, so safeguard yourself from pesticides by choosing organic.
  • Is there added sugar or sweeteners? Just because a juice says it is sugar free it does not mean that there are no added chemical sweeteners.

At the end of the day, looks aren’t everything.

Remember: separation is beautiful.